What is ELU?

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LIFE is a new type of subject at Tallinn University where students from different study fields carry out a collaborative project on a topic of their interest. The team consists of 6 students from at least three different study fields.


LIFE (Learning in Interdisciplinary Focused Environment) is a study course of 6 ECTS (=156 working hours) and it is focused on project- and problem-based learning, where students from different study areas collaborate with academics and partners from outside the university to carry out projects focusing on interdisciplinary problems.


Students can see the LIFE course in their nominal plan of studies but they can take the course during any other semester that is more suitable (with the exception of the first year of Bachelor’s studies). We also recommend not leaving the course for the last semester of studies.


To participate in an LIFE project you have to choose the project of your interest. Students can choose which supervisor’s project to join, or they can come forward with their own idea. LIFE ideas can be submitted one semester before the project will start.
LIFE definitely teaches responsibility cause here it is not only about your own success or grade earned, but the whole group’s success and achieving the best results together.
Autumn 2018/2019
The course opens new opportunities to try yourself in the a new position.
Autumn 2018/2019
LIFE project presented us with an intriguing and playful challenge which allowed us to create something that also has weight and importance outside of the school – the materials produced are likely to be of interest to ballet institutions and cultural museums.
Autumn 2019/2020
I think it is very important to find a topic you like to succeed and in our team everyone was passionate about environment and water saving so we had no problems working together.
Autumn 2018/2019