Unified Actions

The LIFE program complements the aims and objective's of the partnership project and allows to create an unique learning environment.

The aim of the project

Within the LIFE project "Unified Actions", the organisation aims to measure the impact of the large-scale partnership project at the local, regional and European level as there have been more than 55 volunteering mobilities implemented in Estonia and abroad in period January 2019 - May 2020. The volunteering mobility in this context is a solidarity activity that takes the form of a voluntary unpaid activity for a period of up to twelve months.*

The European Solidarity Corps programme does not have clear impact measuring tools for the organisations to assess the extent of the activities and desired results. There is a Youthpass that is a tool for participants to document and recognise learning outcomes from youth work and solidarity activities.

In this large-scale project it's needed to measure the impact of the activities and all currently done mobilities, to acknowledge what needs to be changed or balanced according to the general project dynamics. Additionally it gives the organisation a needed data to continue offering activities that meet the needs in the society. LIFE project gives students a chance to be involved in shaping the outcome of the project, solving the real obstacle the organisation is facing now and finding solutions to measure the impact of volunteering (to organisations) in Estonia.

All the activities supported under volunteering constitue a rich experience in a non-formal and informal learning context, which enhances young people's skills and competences. (European Solidarity Corps programme guide, 2018).



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