Unifiying Through Language

The project is inspired by the necessity to create an approachable way for language learners to discover museums. Language opens up the path to seek out more about culture, culture, on the other hand, inspires and motivates the language learner. Museums help understand culture and history better and can create a platform for many people from different backgrounds to share a sense of belonging and community. At the moment, museums don't have a specific way to support language acquisition: you're either able to read and listen on the same level as the mother tongue speaker, or you're destined to use translated materials. We are in a position to change that.

The aim of the project

The great ideal is to help with societal cohesion. Making culture more accessible and approachable is the safest and most fun way to do that. The ones participating in the project will find out more about what goes into creating language support but also what it's like to participate in creating a large-scale exhibition. 

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Project members

Digital Learning Games (2)
Communication Management (3)
Public and Business Management (1)
Theory of Culture (1)
Translation (1)
Psychology (1)
Estonian Studies (1)
Asian studies (1)
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